Air Zoo

“America without her Soldiers would be like God without His angels.”

-Claudia Pemberton

Time to change directions from north to south! Next is the AIR ZOO! The Air Zoo is located in Portage, MI.

Your journey begins as you walk through a hall of clouds. Next, your family can enjoy some history of our military and the airplanes flown in different historical events. Plus, learn historical information about space. Moreover, hop on a few different rides that are available with admission! If your child likes science. They may also like to do the interactive activities like the floating balls, pop bottle rocket, and car building/racing. Feet need a rest? Check out the shows at the Missions Theater. Hungry? Check out the Kitty Hawk Café.

Special event from January 31 – March 1, 2020. Check out select airplanes by going to the Open Cockpits event. Open Cockpit time is only during Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. You can enjoy experiencing airplanes by being right inside! The airplanes that are open change each day. This is included with admission.

**Air Zoo Admission**
Adults: $15.95
Kids (5-18): $14.95
Kids (0-4): FREE
US Military & Veterans Discount: 50%
Police/Fire Discount: 50%
Museums for All: $2.00

Find more information about the Air Zoo here

Our Family Experience!

In December 2019, my kids, husband, mom, stepdad, and I all went to visit the Air Zoo. With my husband in the military and my stepdad big into airplanes. It was nice having them there to answer any questions about what we saw. All three kids really enjoyed the rides. I think a favorite was the hot air balloon ride. But take caution if you get motion sickness easily like I do! They also got to build a wooden car then race them on a track. The kids had a lot of fun trying to get as much air pressure as possible in order for their vehicles to take off faster than the other. We all found the airplanes very interesting to look at too. The show we got to watch at Missions Theater was Salute to Heroes. I thought it was good and there are scenes that make it feel as if you’re in the airplane too.

We did not eat here though. We went to a small bar called The Hangar. It’s a great addition to your Air Zoo experience. Not only for its name but it also has airplanes hanging up in the ceiling. The food was awesome. Don’t let the small bar look on the outside fool you! I got the nachos which is a HUGE platter and very shareable! Oh and DELICIOUS! Everyone else loved their food too.

**Please drop a comment below with your Air Zoo experience!

Warm Memories,

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