Yesterday, my daughter and I attended Mad Hatter Tea Party at the Hastings Public Library. I had shared the event a couple weeks ago and thought I would share our fun!

The party was located upstairs in the big meeting hall. They had tables set up with assigned seating cards and cute little mad lib/potion making games for waiting. Also, fine china plates, silverware, and of course teacups/saucers! Don’t forget the linen napkins to place neatly upon your lap to catch any crumbs! They had milk and sugar placed in the correct serving dishes. And the hot tea was in a fancy tea server as well. It all looked amazing and made my girl feel like we were at a girly fun place!

Snacks and tea were delicious! I’m usually not a big tea drinker. But they made some that was very good! Sadly, I can’t remember what kind they told us. Sorry! If the kiddos weren’t so into the tea. They did have apple juice on hand! For snacks they had bread with a cucumber/spread on top, bread with cheese/apple slices on top, fruit kabobs, heart shaped cookies, lemon squares, and oh so good brownies! Irena took two brownies…. that’s my girl!

Lastly, they had a craft, photo op, and game. The craft was super cute and Irena was excited to make it. She made a little Mad Hatter head band…. see picture below! It was simple and super helpful with the instructions given. The photo op was a cardboard house to relive the scene of Alice growing too big for the house. Pin the smile on the Cheshire Cat was the game. In the end, one lucky person won an Alice in Wonderland book if they had a certain picture under their chair.

All in all we had a good mommy and daughter time! I recommend checking out local library fun especially during cold season months!

Warm Memories


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