Mommy & Me Painting Class

“Be a unicorn in a field of horses.”

– Anonymous

Let the creative juices flow! How fun and interactive would it be to do a Mommy & Me painting class with your little ones?! I think it would be SO much fun and my kids would love it. This would especially be great for kids who don’t like to talk face to face. But when doing an activity such as painting. The child will open right up.

This next family fun event will takes us south to Battle Creek, MI. The event will be hosted at Hobby Lobby from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm. The painting for February 21, 2020 is themed “Unicorn Love” (see picture above). Isn’t that just cute?! Unicorns seem to be a big hit with little kids these days so I’m sure they’ll be very excited.

There is a cost to participate and registration is required. Please register here:
Also, there are a couple other classes to choose from as well if you don’t want to do the unicorn painting.

What does the fee cover and how much?

  • $20 per person (child and adult)
  • 1 canvas per person
  • paint, aprons, brushes, and all other supplies
  • step by step instruction
  • 2 hour session

**This project is best for ages 3 and up**

**Please comment below with your experience!

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