Griff’s READING Goals

“A good hockey player plays where the puck is. A great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be.”

– Wayne Gretzky

At the end of last year. My husband and I took our oldest son and his friend to a Grand Rapids Griffins hockey game. This had been my first professional game ever! I was excited, nervous, and had a lot of mixed emotions! I had heard about people getting hit by the puck in the stands. Which did happen while we were there. And the fights these guys get themselves into. Goodness gracious!! But in the end. I had a lot of fun. My husband and I were able to enjoy a few laughs and chats. We also got to see the excitement on our son’s face as he experienced his first hockey game ever. The boys had a ton of fun! Although they were a little shy when trying to win a shirt or some other keepsake they launched into the crowd. They sure did try though!

This new adventure for us wouldn’t have been as likely to happen if it weren’t for the summer reading program our kids did over the summer of 2019. Due to them participating, they each earned free tickets to a game. Seeing the cost of tickets. I was so glad I took advantage of the summer reading program with my kids. Additionally, the night we went ended up being Military Appreciation night. This allowed for my husband to get tickets for us adults at a discount too! I love the support this hockey organization shows its community. By supporting kids to read and its Armed Forces.

Want to attend a game yourself but need help with cost?!?! Currently, the Griff’s Reading Goals program is going on (just in time for March’s reading month!). This is for anyone within the Kent ISD or Ottawa Area Intermediate School District. I know my son came home with the book mark so check your child’s folder/backpack for one too! Anyone Pre-K – 8th grade can participate. Kids are able to earn prizes during their first and second hours of reading. Those who end up reading three hours will receive two FREE game tickets!

Want more information? Check out their website here:

**Please feel free to comment with your Griffins experience!

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