Spare, Strike, Turkey!

“I’m a bowling pin, even when I fall I’ll always stand back up.”

– Jay Park

I’m definitely not a bowling pro but sometimes doing things you’re not the greatest at can be a lot of fun too! A couple weekends ago, we took a family field trip to our local bowling alley called Hastings Bowl. The kids had an amazing time. Just check out those pictures above and see the happiness in those smiles! Or even the little dance our littlest liked to do at times. They were super surprised when we pulled into the parking lot and hearing their excitement was priceless. This bowling alley was the place I used to go as a kid and I have great memories there. I’ve never been a serious bowler but I enjoy it out of pure fun!

Do you like to bowl or are just trying to find something to do out of the cold?! Give Hastings Bowl a go! Mondays from 8pm until close you can bowl for a $1.00 a game. This would be great for Spring break! Also, keep your eyes open for cheap bowling times during the summer break months. If you’re also looking for a place to host a birthday party. Hastings Bowl does an amazing job for a great price!

For more information check out Hastings Bowl here:

**Please feel free to leave a comment with your Hastings Bowl memories.

Warm Memories


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