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Self-Care Deals!

Over a month ago, our lovely state of Michigan went into a stay at home order. During this time I have found more time with my kids and husband to be more joyful. Before the order, our family was on RUSH mode daily every week. With sports and school being cancelled. All that rush has been put to a brief stop.

With this sudden stop in life. I have noticed I have put a lot of my own self-care to the side. I haven’t worn make-up in days, my hair has been thrown into a pony tail more times than I can count, and showers are there but not daily. I know from other friends posts on Facebook that I am not alone. So below I have decided to list a couple items that I enjoy using that help me to feel at my personal best.

If anyone has long, thick hair like me. You know that having a leave in hair detangler is super helpful when trying to brush our those tangles! Or you may have kiddos who struggle when brushing their hair. The Honest Company has a wonderful hair detangler that I’ve come to love. It smells super great and works really well!

Having a fresh, clean taste in my mouth is VERY important to me. Besides just protecting myself from cavities, I really enjoy that fresh minty taste. I think it makes my self care routine complete! Here are some mouth rinses and toothpastes I’ve come to choose in order to get that fresh clean mouth!

Although makeup isn’t top on my self care list. I do find that at the end of the day I really like a make up remover cloth that easily and quickly takes of my make up from that day. Neutrogena is my go to brand and they have some great make up remover cloths. One cloth is all I need too! Sometimes I’ll even use these cloths on a lazy day and use them to wash my face.

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