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It’s that time of the week again. Pantry is down to the bare minimum. Fridge is looking empty. Why do we even have the freezer running?! You know where I’m going with this don’t you, momma? Yup! It’s grocery shopping time.

But wait! You have to take at least one of the kiddos with you. Or maybe even ALL of them. I feel you on this thought. It can be super awesome or go super bad taking a little one to the store. From “mommy can I have that” to “MOMMY I want that now!”. Or they become little escape artists and find it funny to run ahead of you while you’re pushing a loaded cart and trying to console the child actually sitting in the cart. I sure do get the struggles of grocery shopping with little ones, haha!

So I have decided to put together a list of things that have helped me when taking my kids to the grocery store. I can’t really blame them for getting bored while waiting for me to shop. So instead of getting upset with them. I try to bring things from snacks to toys that will help ease the headache for both of us.

The first most helpful item that will help from making a BIG mess is a backpack. One specifically for your child to use when you are out and about. Especially during grocery shopping time. Having a bag with one big area for toys, books, coloring items, tablets, etc. Plus a pouch for snacks. Will keep things organized for you but your child will know exactly where to get what they want. Rather than you stopping every 5 minutes to help them get something.

I find it fun to have bags that fit my kids personalities or likes at the current moment. Check out some of these character bags:

Coloring is another fun activity that my kids really seem to enjoy. Just grab a small box of crayons and their favorite coloring book. And this could last them a few minutes or the whole shopping trip! My kids have a neat crayon roll up holder that also makes it easier for coloring on the go.

Check out these coloring items for your kids: – This one is a really neat idea. It comes with a “desk” which creates an easier platform for your kiddo to color on. – I absolutely LOVE these! The mess free coloring markers by Crayola. Sometimes my toddler gets adventurous. And it’s nice to know my hands will not be rainbow colored when we walk out the store. Let alone my childs arms! – This is similar to what my kids have as far as a crayon holder. They can simply unroll, take which crayon they want to use out, put the crayon back, and roll back up when done! AWESOME!!

This one I may get good or bad reviews from people. But trust me it has been a life saver!! I don’t know how my parents took me grocery shopping without one, ha! All three of my kids love their tablets. They don’t get to be on them all day due to setting time limits for each. But when we go to the store. It makes for a quiet, calm trip. They play games, read, or watch kid friendly videos. There are different colors so we are able to know whos is whos. The cases help with accidentally having them fall on the store floor too!

The tablets my kids currently have are these:

Other than toys and activities. I like to make sure my kids have plenty of time consuming snacks. Suckers tend to last them a while. But I don’t enjoy giving them a bunch of sugar either. So I have found these awesome Zolli Pops which are sugar free and made specifically for kids. There are many different flavors so the kids won’t get bored. My kids really enjoyed them when they first tried them. Now they ask for them all the time! Being sugar free never caused any problems here!

Check them out for yourself:

One snack that satisfies their tummies longer are granola bars. My kids really like eating these. Their favorite kind of granola bars are by Clif. The Clif Z Bars have become their favorite. I think it’s partially due to the cool wrapper they see. But also they say the bars taste super yummy! My kids never seem to tire of this brand because there are so many flavor options available. According to my kids. The chocolate brownie flavor is there #1 choice.

Try them here:

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