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This year seems to be flying by just like all the rest. I can’t believe in just a couple weeks. We will be celebrating Easter!

Easter has always been a great holiday for me and has created many memories. As a kid, my parents would hide Easter eggs and special treats around the house for us to find. I remember one year my mom was creative and did an awesome scavenger hunt! Along with the Easter bunny festivities. Our family would go to church with my Great Grandma. She went to a super small church but I loved its old school feel. From there we would go visit other grandparents in the area and have Easter egg hunts there too.

Now that I have my own children. My husband and I have started our own Easter traditions. We usually wake up and eat a special breakfast. Afterward it’s usually time for church. From there we come back home and while I make an excuse for my husband to go into our house. My kids and I go for a drive or walk to “search” for the Easter bunny. During this time my husband hides plastic Easter eggs and the kid’s Easter baskets. Once he is done he comes to look for us and we head back. So far (fingers crossed) not even my oldest has this figured out yet! The kids look forward to finding jellybeans inside their individual colored plastic eggs. When Easter gets mentioned that’s usually what they talk about. Although this year we have to make a slight change and use M & Ms instead. My son currently has braces and can not enjoy the jelly beans this year! They also love to see what is in their Easter baskets. After our own family fun. We usually head over to my grandparents where they hide Easter eggs and candy too. But the kids also get to enjoy an appearance by the Easter bunny himself! While some years the kids were a little nervous and others they were all for it. They enjoy this time every year!

This year may look a little different for us along with many others in the world. With many places on shut down and social distancing in order. A few plans from years past may have to change in a couple weeks. Although sad, it doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy our kiddos this Easter season. And if you are in need of Easter basket fillers I have come up with a list of a few of my favorites along with my kid’s favorites.

First and foremost, the Easter basket! Whether you give your kids a basket at the start to fill up with the plastic Easter eggs. Or save the big, fun filled Easter basket at the end of the hunt. I think the basket is a #1 item to have during your Easter egg hunts!

Here are a few I would recommend:

Another fun Easter activity is egg coloring. Unfortunately, this activity tends to be hit or miss for our family. With a busy schedule some times it just doesn’t happen. But when it does, the kids have a blast! Plus you have a healthy snack for later in the week.

Some egg coloring kits that we have liked:

Our kids really enjoy finding their plastic Easter eggs. We typically will designate one or two colors per child. This helps to eliminate any arguing and they all find the same amount of eggs! We typically fill them with jellybeans but as noted above this year we decided on M & Ms. You can also find pre-filled plastic eggs if you rather not filled them yourself.

Here are some nice plastic eggs:

Jelly beans are our go to plastic egg filler. The kids love them and this way we are limiting all the chocolate and extra sweets. They are always happy with just these!

Our favorite kinds of jelly beans:

One of our Easter basket fillers tends to be at least one book. Reading is important and I know books will get used and not just tossed aside.

Here are some of our favorite Easter books:

Lastly, I like to add in something that gets their creative minds going. This can be as simple as a color book and crayons. Or some other type of Easter art/craft fun. This can help to bring the family to do something together rather than the kids going off on their own the rest of the day!

Here are some ideas:

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